The Right Way to Segment Your Agricultural Market

Most successful marketers understand the importance of market segmentation to direct an efficient and effective marketing plan.  By understanding your key segments, their attitudes, perceptions and buyer values, you can craft customized marketing messages that can be highly targeted to each segment. There is a trend to adopt…

Planning Super Sales Meetings

Successful sales meetings focus on RIM – the three fundamental factors of Recognize, Inform and Motivate. Mark Vogel, Senior Partner at the Avant Marketing Group talks about the importance of using the RIM factors in sales meeting planning and implementation.

How to Market to Farmers

While there are diverse production agriculture segments, there are several common characteristics among today’s farmer. Mark Vogel, Senior Partner of the Avant Marketing Group, talks about these critical characteristics that every marketer needs to understand when marketing to farmers.

Changing the Future of Small Rural Communities

Rural populations continue to decline. Since 2010, 1,350 “non-metro” counties have lost population. Though there are exceptions, this trend has dramatically affected rural communities. Mark Vogel, Senior Partner, discusses the importance of Market Planning for rural towns that defines both the physical and human assets to recruit new…