The Avant Innovation™ Process

What’s topmost on your mind?

How to properly plan a product launch or new business?  Re-positioning a current offering? Segmenting or prioritizing markets? Energizing market share?  What aren’t your customers telling you?

Avant Marketing’s market planning process delivers answers in all these areas and more in a program adapted to your particular need. We start with your objective, then develop and field project-specific consumer or B-to-B research to gain a thorough understanding of the marketplace, business/communications issues and brand goals. Insight from the research guides our next steps in partnership with you – for example, concept testing ideation sessions with staff and target market participants or, following analysis and evaluation, delivering a new product branding/positioning or re-positioning.

The end result:

A comprehensive strategic brand plan customized to your project that includes the development and implementation of essential marketing communication strategies such as brand identity and position, product strategies, pricing strategies, channel strategies or other components. Avant Marketing works with our clients’ in-house marketing departments and/or advertising agencies to ensure the tactical implementation is completed. We then do follow-up market assessment to measure success or determine need for corrective action.

Your market is dynamic, it’s moving. Are you?

Avant Marketing’s planning process yields solutions to how an organization can best compete in the markets it elects to serve.