Channel & Market Programming

Go-to-market strategies are more difficult and complex than ever before.  Competitive pressures, including Internet competition, demand optimal performance through a sales force or distribution network.  The right product, at the right price, with the right support are mandated by today’s marketplace.

Avant Marketing has exceptional experience and expertise in the development and implementation of channel marketing and sales strategies.  Regardless if you are consumer direct or if your product category demands a one-step or two-step distribution, we know how to gain insight and use it to plan successful business strategies.

You need to keep your sales force and channel members motivated and focused on growing your business.  Many times, we identify issues that you normally don’t hear first-hand.  We gain input that can improve your product, pricing, sales support and programming.  And in today’s marketing world, many times end-user loyalty is stronger with their sales contact than with your brand or company – gaining a true perspective is essential in terms of brand management.

Our Business-to-Business Market Research is custom designed for your needs.  We provide In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), Telephone Surveying (CATI), Online Surveying and Telephone Focus Groups to reach participants over a wide geographic area.