Crop & Animal Health

Avant Marketing Group is the go-to market research firm for agribusiness marketing. Nearly every day throughout the year, we are talking to or gaining input from farmers and ranchers across North America.  From California almond producers to Georgia cotton growers, from Iowa soybean farmers to Washington orchard managers – we have expertise in nearly every crop grown in the U.S. and Canada.  Animal Health is also a priority focus for us.  Top marketers rely on Avant Marketing when seeking input from producers and veterinarians regarding beef, pork and poultry production.  Industry associations, cooperatives and federations also utilize our research services to gain input from their ag-based membership.

Customized Research

As the premier custom research firm in the agriculture category, we work with you to determine the right methodology to meet your objectives.  Avant Marketing offers telephone surveying (CATI), in-depth interviewing (IDIs), online panels for key commodity groups, mail-out surveying, as well as in-person and telephone focus groups.

  • In-house Call Center – fully staffed with seasoned personnel that understand farmers and are respectful of their time.
  • In-Depth Interviews conducted by senior staff – ensuring the correct probing and quality input and results.
  • Online Panels include active farmers and producers in key commodity categories for short turnaround research.
  • Mail Surveying that is customized to all agriculture audiences and provides cost effective return for large surveying.
  • Focus Groups are moderated by Senior Partner, Mark Vogel. Having a farmer-to-farmer relationship with participants greatly enhances the discussion and improves output.