Avant Marketing’s enterprise branding focuses on the essence and aspirations of an organization. At its core our process is about people, not bricks-and-mortar. We believe that organizations are truly defined by their people, both internal and external, whose shared values and common goals are distinct and unique.

In this regard, enterprise branding is far more important today, particularly with younger consumers.  People not only want assurance of quality products and services, they also want to align themselves with companies and associations with similar values to their own. Enterprise brands must not only communicate “what they are” but demonstrate “what they believe in” to encourage brand affinity and brand loyalty.

Our branding experience covers a variety of enterprises, and we take pride in the sustainability of the brands we have developed over the years. We’ve worked with international corporations of more than 14,000 employees worldwide, associations with over 150,000 members, and government agencies and organizations of all sizes. Here is a sample of some of our major work.

Iowa Farm Bureau Logo - Avant Marketing Enterprise Branding Case Study
Intervet Logo - Avant Marketing Enterprise Branding Case Study
Solutia Logo - Avant Marketing Enterprise Branding Case Study