One of the country’s top motivational and incentive companies needed to know how the market was changing for its products.  Through In-Depth Interviewing and Focus Groups, Avant Marketing talked to key customer decision-makers regarding employee and sales force attitudes that are changing motivational, event and incentive programs.  The research identified both key issues as well as the need to reinvent motivational programs that would have high appeal to younger staff – including Millennials.

With this input, we also assisted the company in its communications to an extremely diversified market.  Through computer-assisted In-Depth Interviews, we gained input for both the company and competitive websites in terms of messaging, style and design, and overall content.  This directed significant changes to the company’s website.

One of the leading suppliers of farm, home and garden products distributes through both company-owned and wholesale customer dealerships.  They needed to measure dealer satisfaction and enlisted Avant Marketing to conduct both telephone surveying as well as in-depth interviews with dealer managers and owners.  The study identified critical areas that needed improvement to assist dealer profitability.  Some issues were simple such as proper palette formations at the warehouse and updated invoicing protocols.  Other issues, including improved corporate communications and promotion coordination were more difficult.  With this input, the company was able to assign teams to the prioritized problem areas for resolution.

A leading agribusiness marketer was adjusting its regional distribution and needed input regarding the impact it would have on the marketplace.  Though the changes looked great on a financial spreadsheet the company needed insight into how changes may affect existing distribution and market share.

Avant Marketing conducted in-depth interviews with both key retailers as well as end-user customers to gain answers.  Though the distribution changes were viewed as somewhat positive, key issues were identified that could negatively affect customer loyalty and market share.  The research assisted the company in its communications to both retailers and the end-use customers.